Who makes the best super clone watches?

Who makes the best super clone watches?
Today, the editor will briefly talk to you about some basic “knowledge points” to distinguish genuine watches VS super clone watches. First look at the appearance and workmanship of the watch. The super clone watches will have a sense of dissonance, the scale color will be out of bounds, and the text workmanship will be rough. Vacheron Constantin is a super clone watches with rough workmanship. Many super clones on the market currently say that they use 316 steel, but when you try it, you can clearly feel that the workmanship is rough and the polishing is not smooth. Some even scratch the handles. If there is such a watch, then the editor It is recommended that you do not need to ask whether it is authentic or not, you can just pass it. The workmanship of a real watch is very exquisite and delicate, and the polishing is round and smooth. You will feel very comfortable looking at it. As for those so-called Omega or Rolex watches that cost 2,000 yuan each, they are just imitation watches without even looking at them.

Secondly, the fineness of the watch dial is also a criterion for judging authenticity. Then the most easily exposed thing on the disk is the LOGO. Observe with a magnifying glass, the real watch LOGO is generally as bright as new and has smooth edges. The super clone watches may have defects such as burrs, the edges of the painted characters are not perfect, and some fonts may have color differences.

Who makes the best super clone watches?

Who makes the best super clone watches?

As can be seen from the picture above, the needle shaft on the left is made of fine workmanship, with a perfectly round bottom surface, obvious protrusions on the sleeve, and chamfered workmanship. The bottom surface on the right side is not round and there are white spots. The genuine product has blued steel hands, while the imitation has painted hands. The super clone’s second hand is poorly made, some are shorter, some of the needle flags hang downwards, the brightness is not enough, and the edges and corners are not clear.

The next step is to identify the Seagull ST3600 movement in the Panerai shell. Many friends have such troubles. How to judge the movement? For friends who don’t understand movements, this is indeed a problem. And now there are many real shells and fake cores. The editor has encountered watches that were equipped with Citizen movements and Tudor were replaced with ETA movements. Nowadays, it is normal for products with good sales to be super cloned. Most of them are watches with dense bottoms, because genuine products indicate that if the cover is opened privately, there will be no warranty period after sale, which prevents many friends from testing them at will. It gives the super clone watches a lot of convenience space.

For back-through movements, domestic movements are usually used to cover the eyeballs. People who have never seen genuine movements are often confused by the polish of imitation movements. If you encounter this kind of problem, you can search the corresponding ones online for comparison according to the movement model, material, etc. given by the brand. Finally, let me tell you that Seagull movements occupy most of the imitation watch movement market, such as ST18\ST21\ST3600, etc. Some super clone watches with three hands and calendar function will use the Pearl 2836 movement imitating the 8210 to configure the watch. Therefore, when friends buy watches, if you don’t understand it well, don’t be greedy for cheap.

Who makes the best super clone watches?Bushrunningmate is the best super clone watch websites. The watch styles made by bushrunningmate are “big factory products” that have been produced for many years. Each identification point and special function have been carefully thought out. You can’t tell anything by looking at the identification points. But if you want to go to the after-sales service to open the cover or put on a macro lens, you will definitely not be able to pass the test. In some places, the cost limit cannot be exactly the same. Just like the sapphire in the Blue Balloon is a natural gemstone, and the imitation watch will cost more than the real gemstone. Just can’t accept it. As for the movement, one is a splint machine, which is a relatively thin Seagull and Japanese movement with a genuine-looking splint. It is mainly used on back-transparent watches. The static one is okay, but the gears on the splint are all fake. It won’t move, and its secret will be revealed when it moves. The other is an all-in-one machine, which imitates the genuine movement and can restore most of the details, such as Omega’s coaxial escapement, double barrels, double T shock absorbers, etc.

This kind of simulation can achieve 90% accuracy, but it will still be revealed when you meet someone who knows how to watch. Because the craftsmanship is not up to par, there are some extra structures. There are also some special watches that are manufactured in China, so you can directly get genuine accessories, so it is more difficult to tell them apart. In other words, they are genuine, but they are not produced in a formal way. To sum up, imitation watches with these characteristics are the most difficult to spot: dense bottom, three needles, non-precious metal, classic and popular models, and non-special color matching. Also, I hope that everyone can buy the authentic products they like through their own efforts.

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