Audemars Piguet royal oak fake vs real

Audemars Piguet royal oak fake vs real

What are the differences between audemars piguet royal oak fake watches on the market with a cost of around 1,500$ and original ones? Judging from the corrosion resistance test of the material and the polishing texture, they are actually almost the same.

To be honest, the price of 1500$ for a fake watch can already be purchased overseas by some foreign “artisans” to customize high-quality fake watches. Players of fake watches basically play this way, play with it yourself, detoxify, and then switch to the next model. It’s not uncommon for people to actually wear fake watches as real ones.

I bought a Royal Oak replica watch this year; out of curiosity, I bought a replica of the same model that is exactly the same as the original. The replica watch is getting more and more like the real thing. Even the reflection in the sun is the same. Since my watch uses the 2385 movement, the Audemars Piguet watches produced by this movement are all back-less see-through versions. I can’t find this replica watch between the real watch and the fake one even with a magnifying glass. Even if the thickness and length are exactly the same, the weight and grams are the same. Only under the macro lens, the different details of the two watches were finally revealed to me. Talking about five meters fake, one meter fake, fake at first glance is all nonsense, I really can’t tell the difference, really! Unless this person carries a real watch and a macro lens every day for comparison, I also have a Daytona White Panda, and I have placed an order tonight, which is said to be the most amazing version on the market. Rolex’s steel material is its own secret recipe. Audemars Piguet has fallen into decline. I want to see if Rolex will do the same.

How to compare replica audemars piguet royal oak fake vs real? If you are a non-professional, you can only bring genuine products and a microscope to compare every detail. Today’s basic industry is very developed, and it will not be that difficult to achieve 90% similarity.

If you like fake watches, you can experience a luxurious life at the cheapest price. I hope you get what you want from us.

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