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The company was started in Paris as a jewelry store; over time, the brand has become known for its skilled artistry and the range of jewelry it creates. The shape of Cartier watches almost always has a well-defined intersection, such as square or rectangular, such as the Tank and the Santos collection; but the Cartier bears the title of one of the few brands that has tried to maintain the simplicity of a traditional design without applying too much decoration, thereby giving the ordinary shape a sense of power. The first collections to hit the market were the Tank and the Santos collections which were made extremely simply, but strong and calming. The materials, as well as the internal movements of the Cartier watches are of the finest quality; this ensures an accurate, reliable, and long-lasting watch. Cartier was also the first company to revolutionize watches for mechanical performance. At this point in time, every company was creating watches with round faces. Since that time, Cartier watches have continued this tradition which was started in the 19th century.

Cartier has a royal decree to be the king's official supplier. That king deemed Cartier "joaillier des rois, roi des joailliers" (King's Jewelers, King of Jewelers). The Cartier has also been appointed the official supplier to King Alfonso XIII of Spain. Cartier would be appointed by the courts of Portugal, Russia, Siam, Greece, Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Egypt, Albania, Orleans and Monaco in the future.

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