Terms & Conditions


  • Supported payment methods may be updated from time to time and old payment methods may no longer be supported.
  •  Please follow the payment process on the payment page. We do not provide automatic payment methods; all payments must be manually completed.
  •  Additional fees may apply depending on the payment method, such as bank fees or transaction fees charged by third-party tools. These fees typically range from 2-8% of the order value. You will be notified if additional fees apply.
  •  Bushrunningmate reserves the right to interpret the above payment terms.


  • We provide physical or non-physical compensation or discounts to address potential return/exchange or order issues resulting from a large number of orders. Once a compensation agreement is reached, it cannot be changed.

QC Photos

  • If needed, we can send photos of your order via WhatsApp before shipment.


  •  Customers cannot specify the carrier. We have the full authority to choose the most suitable delivery method and distributor based on the situation.

Duties & Taxes

  • Taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. According to reports, less than 1% of shipments in the EU and less than 0.1% in North America require taxes to be paid.

Delivery Time

  • After payment, the order status will show as “processing,” indicating that shipment is being prepared. This typically takes 2-3 days. We do not guarantee delivery times and are not responsible for delays.

Package Loss & Seizure

  •  Once the logistics website shows that the package has been delivered, we consider it delivered. We are not responsible for stolen packages; please provide a secure shipping address.
  • If we track a lost package or are informed of it, we will reship for free if customs insurance was purchased. Otherwise, customers may need to pay extra for reshipment.

Failed Delivery

  •  Please track your shipment promptly. If the package is returned due to delivery failure, refunds may not be available, and additional charges may apply for reshipment.

After Delivery

  • Upon receiving your order, please promptly confirm the product’s condition. We no longer provide quality assurance services for orders delivered some time ago.

After-sale Support

  •  Contact us anytime via WhatsApp or email for support. Order information older than 5 months will be deleted, so please contact us promptly with any questions.


  •  We are not responsible for consequences if products are used for non-personal purposes after purchase.

Goods Quality Control

  •  Refer to the return policy page for returns and refunds not related to quality.
  •  Contact Bushrunningmate for negotiation if there are serious quality issues within 7 days of receiving the package.
  • Customers are responsible for damage and wear caused by human factors.

Customer Information

  •  Bushrunningmate is committed to protecting customer privacy. All customer information will never be disclosed to third parties. Order information and inactive account information will expire after a certain period and be automatically deleted.

About These Terms

  • These terms may be updated at any time without notice. Bushrunningmate reserves the right to modify and delete these terms. The final interpretation rights belong to Bushrunningmate.