Breitling replica Watch Maintenance: 9 Key Steps

Breitling replica Watch Maintenance: 9 Key Steps

How to clean Breitling replica watch?

I would like to share a friend’s experience – My friend wore his watch for quite some time and due to sweat and other factors, developed a slight allergic reaction. He was hesitant about going to a cleaner and felt that the replica Breitling did not need careful care. He decided to clean it himself. This method was particularly good, as it was not the first time cleaning so there was not much dirt coming out as the first time, but already clean enough for photos off of work. The cleaning method is particularly simple: use cold water with a bit of dish detergent, soak the Breitling replica watch for 5-10 minutes, then shake it in the water and the dirt will come to the top. If you don’t think it’s clean enough you can lightly brush it with a soft brush. I personally rinsed under a high-pressure faucet and was done. Sharing completed! If this is good for you, no need to thank me; if not, please don’t beat me up. Important is that the watch is waterproof. Also, it needs to use cold water.

Ok reference to maintaining your Breitling replica watch, there are 9 key steps you need to follow:

1️⃣Clean: Regularly use a soft cloth or brush to clean the watch case and bracelet, removing stains and dust. Avoid soaking the bracelet or submerged the watch in water. You can use mild soapy water or a special solution to clean watches.

2️⃣Water Resistant Check: If your watch has water resistance ability, please regularly check the ability to resist water and regularly replace the water-proof rubber gasket of the watch. Avoid exposure to hot water sources as much as possible.

3️⃣ Regular Maintenance: In order to keep your Breitling replica watch in good condition, we recommend that you send your mechanical watch to a professional watch center for servicing every 3 to 5 years. A professional watchmaker will take a comprehensive and in-depth look at your watch, and provide a professional maintenance service.

4️⃣ Avoid Impact: Please avoid impacts or vibrations to the Breitling replica watch when using and storing it, as this can easily lead to component damage, or accuracy loss of the watch.

5️⃣ Avoid the Magnetic Field: Mechanical watches are sensitive to magnetic fields, so it is necessary to avoid strong magnets such as electromagnetic appliances and mobile phones as far as possible.

6️⃣ Frequency of Use: Mechanical watches need to be worn regularly, or wind the watch to keep the moving parts inside running. If you are not going to wear the watch for a long time, it is recommended to store it in a box specially designed to prevent magnetization.

7️⃣ Avoid Extreme Conditions: Please avoid exposing the Breitling replica watch to avoid extreme temperature, humidity, or dust.

8️⃣ Proper Storage: Be sure to store your Breitling replica watch properly when not being used to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, humidity, and dust. Put the watch in a cool, dry place and make sure the crown is pressed in.

9️⃣ Avoid Chemical: Do not put the watch next to substances like gasoline, alcohol, solvents, mercury, sprays, cosmetics, detergents, adhesives, paint, camphor, cutting chemicals, acids, alkalis, salt and so on. Such products can cause discoloration, damage, or corrosion to materials including the case and chain.

⚠️ This list only includes general mechanical watch upkeep points. The maintenance points are determined by the brand and model as different watches can have different maintenance proceedings. Please follow the brand’s instruction manual or confirm with a professional maintenance center for the maintenance of the mechanical watch.

Are you ready to give your Breitling replica Watch a thorough cleaning?

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